The Galactic Ages were the widest demarcated periods of time given among the higher general histories of the primary galaxy of the world of Thiyr.  Whereas numerous lower histories marked time via the passage of centuries or even millennia, and to whom the Ages were all but unrealized in their passing, the higher histories identified the differences between given Ages as points in time where the functioning of the galaxy in entirety operated according to certain distinct fundamentals, unique to the period in question.

Thus, if one Age might show a pronounced universal dominance of a given species or people over most others, another might be marked by a chaoticism arising from no such unifying influence and control.  Whereas one might contain significant technological advance amongst most galactic peoples, another might be marked by a substantially degraded quality of life, ethical constraints, or otherwise prominent psychological or philosophical aspects.  Finally, the divisions between separate Ages always coincided with general upheaval, whether sudden or gradual, that changed the way people viewed the world as whole, between one and the next.

In all, a full ten Galactic Ages encompassed the known history of the world of Thiyr:

  • The Winnowing
    • Or being known in future outer mythos as the Fell-coming
  • The Wrending
    • Or being known also as the "Consumation of the Worlde Entire"

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